Every Ajubeo Customer Enjoys Free ScienceLogic Cloud Monitoring

What Is Cloud Monitoring? Why Is Cloud Monitoring Important?

Cloud monitoring is a tool set that allows administrators and cloud end-users the ability to easily keep track of infrastructure and application performance by way of customizable dashboards that report data at the frequency level determined by the provider or administrator.

There are a wide array of monitoring technology vendors available. Ajubeo chose ScienceLogic as the technology behind our cloud monitoring offering based on its performance, features, customization capability, and scalability amongst numerous other determining factors.

Cloud monitoring is also a critical tool to driving maximum infrastructure, network, and application uptime. Not only will quality cloud monitoring allow administators to stay ahead of "predictable" failures, but cloud monitoring also allows for automated event management to increase responsiveness when it is needed most.

Want to See A Demo of Ajubeo's Cloud Monitoring?

Email us your request and a member of our team will take it from there.

Cloud Monitoring Benefits

Now that we have covered the basics of cloud monitoring, let's look at some of the benefits Ajubeo customers enjoy every minute of every day.

  • Single-pane-of-glass view
  • Rapidly migrate to and support cloud operations and applications
  • Mitigate risks of new technologies and platforms
  • Rapidly deploy new technologies
  • Consolidate tools and reduce costs
  • Deliver consistent end-user service levels
  • Avoid high-profile IT failures
  • Customizable CSS for easy corporate branding

Ajubeo Cloud Monitoring by Function

Real-time and trended availability and performance data on application delivery components to keep business-critical apps up and running

High-level and detailed reporting of key system metrics for all operating systems; device summary views provide at-a-glance view of system performance, availability, tickets, and events

Detailed analysis and reporting to maximize availability and optimize performance of converging network infrastructure, including VoIP; supports dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 networks

Chargeback, multi-tenant views, web services monitoring, automation, and integration with self-service portals.

Auto-populated asset and software inventory to manage asset lifecycles; automated hardware and config change detection to support IT troubleshooting

Service Desk
Automated ticketing workflow and tools to document and accelerate the problem resolution process and to build business-specifi c change management processes right into operations

Fault & Event
Customizable alert notifi cation, escalation, and automated remediation for proactive management; open development platform for integration with third-party tools

Performance and availability of virtual infrastructure

What's Included in the Free Ajubeo Cloud Monitoring Offering?

For a full product demo and details, email Ajubeo Sales to schedule a webinar.

The standard Ajubeo monitoring dashboard includes 10 different metrics and alarms with data points taken every five minutes. The metrics are based on the most common/requested dashboard elements by our existing customers and executive IT advisory board. Resource utilization, performance monitoring, and health checks are just a few of the data points you will get in a dashboard delivered according to your company's brand for easy exporting to corporate and departmental presentations.

What If I Need More Than What the Free Cloud Monitoring Offering Includes?

One of the strengths of the ScienceLogic monitoring platform is the extent to which it can be customized. Ajubeo offers custom metrics, frequency changes, and additional alarms, set-up for a nominal fee per additional element.

Contact Sales for more information.