How to Safeguard your backups in the cloud with HPE and Ajubeo

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Built on StoreOnce technology, this end-to-end data-protection solution strategy gives you the security, confidence, and consistency you have come to expect from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The HPE/Ajubeo cloud backup solution

Today’s IT organizations are working with shrinking budgets, fewer staff , and the need to restore and recover data more quickly. The reality is that many companies view backup as an inefficient process to manage internally. For this reason, businesses are increasingly looking to outsource backup processes when it makes sense.

The HPE-Ajubeo Backup and Recovery-as-a-Service solution can help you transition to an OPEX cost model, and streamline and reduce the cost and complexity of data protection and the burden on IT staff, enabling them to focus on core projects rather than rudimentary tasks. Rest assured that the data will be fully mirrored, with two geographically diverse copies of your company’s digital assets created so that your data is protected and recoverable when needed.

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