Ajubeo Cloud Partner Programs

Multiple ways to get plugged into the cloud revolution.

Cloud Ecosystem | Partner Program

The Ajubeo Cloud partner program consists of our Private Label Cloud offering, our Cloud referral program, and our Technology partner program. Each is designed to deliver value to both Ajubeo and the contributing partner, creating in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Private label Cloud is tailored to companies looking to get into the Cloud space without the R&D and other elements it takes to get started. Ajubeo works with these companies to get started with a simple turn of the key.

Cloud Ecosystem | Data Center Consolidation

Working in conjunction with Ajubeo’s Cloud Hub data center providers is an easy way to target companies looking to consolidate their data center footprint into a hybrid colocation/Cloud environment under the same roof, connecting via standard cross-connect. This hot trend allows Ajubeo and out data center providers to team up on large, lucrative opportunities.

Cloud Ecosystem | Cloud-Readiness Assessments, Consulting

Ajubeo works in conjunction with IT consulting and IT services firms to provide additional expertise as requested on enterprise-level assessments and roadmaps. Ajubeo’s leadership is well-versed in this practice and can quickly add value based on past enterprise experience.

Cloud Ecosystem | MSP-Neutral

Ajubeo is Managed Services Provider-neutral, meaning we don’t offer managed Cloud and we do not have a standing, exclusive agreement with any one MSP. This is ideal for our business model as we may sell to direct customers on our own, tethering MSP partner offerings in conjunction with our IaaS as well as direct leads to MSP partners who are white labeling out Cloud infrastructure.

Want more information about Cloud Partner Ecosystem?

Ajubeo’s cloud specialists can help you find the answers you are looking for. Complete the contact form and one of our specialists will contact you shortly. You can also call us at +1 855.425.8236 (+1 855.4.AJUBEO).

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