Ajubeo Advanced Level Partners

A lucrative engagement for any master agent or broker.

Ajubeo’s Advanced Level partner program is designed for master agents, cloud brokers, and other organizations specializing in outsourced IT sales and business development. Companies and individuals register cloud opportunities with Ajubeo, work the deal to closed-won status and then receive monthly recurring compensation upon deal closure. Customers stay on Ajubeo paper with the partner executive acting as a direct Ajubeo sales extension.

Current participants include some of the most successful master agents and cloud brokers in the business.

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Learn how to become an Advanced Partner

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Ajubeo Advanced – Getting Started

Step 1 is to fill-out the “Contact Us” form here.

Ajubeo makes it easy to get started with Ajubeo Advanced. There are no commitments or quotas to keep and a simple partner agreement that will be mutually executed to define terms and the engagement. We can turn these agreements around in a matter of hours, to enable partners to act immediately.

Once the Advanced Partner Agreement has been executed, each partner will receive access to Ajubeo collateral. We train every partner to ensure there is a foundation for identifying potential cloud deals and are available for direct outreach at any time. Specialized, recurring training programs are available and can help ramp-up the revenue generation process.

Ajubeo Advanced cloud partner program participants will register any given opportunity via e-mail to their Ajubeo representative. The Ajubeo representative will contact the partner immediately to go over opportunity particulars and talk strategy and sales tools to identify the best path towards victory.

An average cloud deal takes approximately 60 to 90 days. In the interim, Ajubeo personnel are available for any questions, comments, concerns or recommendations.

Once the deal has been closed as won, initial compensation to the partner will be paid upon receipt of first month’s payment from the customer.

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