Safeguard Your Backups in the Cloud

HPE and Partner Ready Service Provider Ajubeo have teamed up to provide customers with the security of Backup-and-Restore-as-a-Service.

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Built on StoreOnce technology, this end-to-end data-protection solution strategy gives you the security, confidence, and consistency you have come to expect from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Ajubeo.

The HPE/Ajubeo cloud backup solution

Today’s IT organizations are working with shrinking budgets, fewer staff, and the need to restore and recover data more quickly. The reality is that many companies view backup as an inefficient process to manage internally. For this reason, businesses are increasingly looking to outsource backup processes when it makes sense.

The HPE-Ajubeo Backup-and-Restore-as-a-Service solution can help you transition to an OPEX cost model, streamlining and reducing the cost and complexity of data protection and the burden on IT staff, enabling them to focus on core projects rather than rudimentary tasks. Rest assured that the data will be fully mirrored, with two geographically diverse copies of your company’s digital assets created so that your data is protected and recoverable when needed.

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The HPE StoreOnce advantage

With HPE StoreOnce, you can deploy a local backup solution on-premise for fast backups and rapid recoveries, with the flexibility to replicate another copy to the Ajubeo cloud.

The deduplication-enabled replication allows data to be transported without rehydration, saving up to 90 percent in network bandwidth costs for a very efficient compliance and retention copy in the cloud. Ajubeo also provides flexible connectivity options, whether over its blended ISP Internet connection or by becoming a node on the customer’s MPLS network.

Data security with encryption

Your data is encrypted in-flight and at rest using AES 256-bit encryption and adhering to strict NIST standards to protect your data in the cloud. Advanced data shredding is also provided so that erased data cannot be reconstructed after deletion. Your data is segregated from other data on Ajubeo’s platform using industry standard techniques, to meet compliance requirements.

Rich backup-application ecosystem integration

HPE StoreOnce has a broad set of ecosystem partnerships with all leading backup applications so that you can retain your existing backup operational procedures on-premise while using the Ajubeo cloud as a backup or disaster recovery option. Alternatively, you can have experts from Ajubeo manage end-to-end data protection.

Implement data protection the way you want it—any way, any place

As we see more and more customers looking to back-up their data to the Cloud, it is important that we partner with service providers such as Ajubeo to deliver the hybrid solutions our customers need in a secure, reliable environment.  By offering a back-up-as-a-service (BRaaS) solution built on HPE StoreOnce, Ajubeo has helped extend our capabilities to add greater value to joint customers and partners. Partnering with Ajubeo, HPE can help enable our customers to accelerate their journey to a hybrid IT infrastructure.

Peter Brennan, Vice President and General Manager, Americas Storage Organization, HPE

Our Offerings

HPE offers new or existing StoreOnce customers three separate pillars of service. Each of these pillars adds value to HPE’s backup offering to provide superior protection of your data in concert with Ajubeo’s cloud.


For many of HPE’s customers, their first venture into a backup environment consists of a single, small StoreOnce appliance or an instance of a StoreOnce VSA. These customers might not have a second site or a second location to which they can replicate their backup data or might use tape as their only off-site backup strategy. This solution gives you the ability to replicate StoreOnce data to StoreOnce hardware residing within the Ajubeo Cloud.

Replication-as-a-service also allows you to utilize an OPEX model and to pay only for the replication storage that you consume using a predictable, budget-friendly method. If you want only to replicate a subset of your on-premise StoreOnce backups, HPE StoreOnce technology fully supports replication at the share level.

Managed backup

When you need a backup solution, but do not have the necessary training or personnel to deploy or manage it, Ajubeo offers Backup-and-Restore-as-a-Service (BRaaS). Ajubeo can deploy and maintain the entirety of your backup solution. Our customers take advantage of all of the product offering that comes with the first pillar of the solution without the need to dedicate the resources of a backup team.

Managed backups also allow you to use an OPEX model to deploy the right solution to keep your data protected. In many ways, managed backups free up capital spending and also allow HPE and Ajubeo to deploy the right-sized solution on day one so that data is protected as budgets are approved and implemented.

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

When a catastrophic event occurs, having the peace of mind that your company’s vital data can be quickly recovered and the ability to stand up the necessary infrastructure can be priceless. Ajubeo uses your existing backups and their infrastructure to get your company back up and running.