Network Rocket Fuel for Cloud Infrastructure

A cloud provider is only as good as its network. New York, New Jersey, Denver, United States, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Germany

Global Cloud Mesh Network – Data Centers

Ajubeo selects the most network-dense colocation centers for our network PoPs (points of presence), offering unmatched access to local, national, and international carriers and Internet service providers. The increased carrier selection provides Ajubeo customers access to more quality routes as well as price negotiation and optimal Cloud-to-Office performance. Ajubeo network PoP locations include two of the world’s largest carrier hotels in New York and Germany.

Bandwidth and Network Services

Ajubeo offers numerous off-the-shelf connectivity options, including tier 1 carriers for maximum performance and more cost-effective options for DR networks or TCO maximization. Ajubeo provides a bandwidth charge model that is predictable and consistent, so you are not caught off guard with a large bill out of the blue. IP address space is available upon request as is private network integration.

Industry Leading Threat Management Technology

Ajubeo hand-selected Fortinet’s FortiGate Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewall technology for threat management and increased network security. Top firms have rated Fortinet as the industry leader in UTM technology. Ajubeo offers on-demand firewall provisioning via the MyAjubeo customer portal, with customers maintaining configuration and management responsibility for increased control and transparency.

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