Ajubeo Hybrid Cloud: The Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid cloud connects your world to ours.

Hybrid Cloud Provider Basics

Hybrid Cloud providers like Ajubeo offer a compelling option: your existing on-premise infrastructure linked to dedicated virtual private Cloud resources and public Cloud resources. By definition, hybrid Cloud is two or more clouds (private, community or public) that remain unique entities but are bound together, offering the benefits of multiple deployment models.”

Hybrid cloud services have been identified as the ideal bridge for companies looking to go Cloud with some applications, but not others. A hybrid Cloud is the only way to integrate multiple environments effectively, and it takes an experienced hybrid Cloud provider to pull it off properly.

Hybrid Cloud According to Ajubeo

Hybrid Cloud is one of Ajubeo’s specialties, stemming from our co-founders’ roots in enterprise Cloud-readiness assessments.

Ajubeo works with every new client, conducting an assessment of specific needs, including on-premise infrastructure integration. Our Cloud infrastructure management and orchestration capabilities include secure access to our API and dissemination of procedures for frequently implemented migration procedures.

Hybrid Cloud – Tech Refreshes, Data Center Consolidation

We will work with you on tech refresh projects as well. Hybrid Cloud providers like Ajubeo allow you to migrate from antiquated gear in stages, allowing you to maximize old spend while optimizing new spend. Ajubeo works with numerous carriers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and may be used as a resource for connectivity negotiation to and from your on-premise data center.

Ajubeo also works with data center and colocation providers on turnkey data center consolidation projects, allowing you to decrease your national footprint while setting up a hybrid environment within the same data center over a dedicated cross-connect from your cage to ours.

Ajubeo’s Cloud infrastructure is built on VMware’s vSphere, offering 4X the capacity of previous releases. VMware is used in approximately 90% of virtualization environments, ensuring maximum portability of in-house virtualization initiatives. Everything about Ajubeo Hybrid Cloud speaks to efficient, well-integrated solutions, allowing you to take advantage of Cloud without the perceived risk of a full-scale migration.

Ajubeo Hybrid Cloud – Benefits

  • Unmatched integration capability and expertise
  • Increased portability as a result of VMware vSphere
  • Enable a staged Cloud migration strategy
  • Facilitates staged technology refresh – maximize old and new spend
  • Offers a compromise for server-hugging IT executives
  • Allows your technical team to get their feet wet before migrating production systems
  • Drag and drop existing VMware-based virtualization instances into the Ajubeo Cloud

Ready to get started with Ajubeo's Hybrid Cloud?

Looking to secure Ajubeo hybrid Cloud services? Submit a quote request today to set-up a consultation call. Together, we will discuss your overall Cloud strategy and how we can integrate our virtual private Cloud infrastructure with your on-premise IT infrastructure and virtualization.

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