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Virtual Private Cloud Provider Basics

Just getting started with Cloud computing? Virtual private cloud providers offer IT executives a unique opportunity to get out of the data center and infrastructure ownership business and consume these products as a service. Your data center becomes the Cloud provider’s data center. Your servers and storage devices are off-premise as private, dedicated compute housed in the Cloud provider’s data center. Everything is accessible and managed via a network connection. Cloud management portals allow on-demand access to your resource pools, enabling IT professionals to partition each dedicated resource into virtual machines with variable amounts of each resource assigned to each. Some providers even offer application marketplaces to further enable architectural and development agility. Off-premise virtual private Cloud is the ideal way to take advantage of the value Cloud offers while maintaining the security of dedicated compute, malleable resources and network access.

Virtual Private Cloud Benefits

  • Convert from a CAPEX model to OPEX
  • Drastically reduce on-premise data center costs
  • Increase your business agility with on-demand resource provisioning
  • Increase transparency of your resource utilization, maximizing inventory management
  • Take advantage of Cloud provider’s economies of scale for performance and security benefits
  • Operational efficiency gains with task automation and high-availability
  • Role-based access controls allow for regulated individual access
  • Utility pricing reduces waste
  • Instant disaster recovery plan creation/augmentation
  • Increased overall security as compared to public, PAYG Cloud offerings

Virtual Private Cloud Provider – Selection Process

Selecting the right virtual private cloud provider is all about finding a company that will work with you to assess your specific Cloud needs as opposed to a provider who is pushing for a fast, template-based approach. Your virtual private Cloud should be tailored to allow for at least the replication of your existing IT environment, focusing on the utilization of resources. In most cases optimization gains should be expected.

Flexibility is key here. Many large private Cloud providers will not allow you to deviate from their rigid product catalogues and as a result, may limit the fit-level of your virtual private Cloud. Better to find that out now, as opposed to in the middle of your Cloud orchestration set-up. Ajubeo is a virtual private Cloud provider that combines the technological prowess of the large players, but adds in flexibility and a willingness to tailor our solutions to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, while allowing nothing to come between you and the most robust tools to manage them. Ajubeo’s white-glove service is a huge part of maximizing virtual private Cloud agility and performance.

Ajubeo offers assistance in assessing your needs and constructing solutions that leverage our virtual private cloud infrastructure to ensure your precise needs are being met – no over or under-spending. Your success is our success and we keep that in mind with everything we do.

Virtual Private Cloud Provider – Technology & Architecture

Virtual Private Cloud providers can feature various technology products at each stack position and as a result, differentiating based on brand can be difficult to do. The important questions regarding technology include how new is the technology, what is its capacity, and how well does it integrate with the rest of the stack. This is where expert architecture is key. Ajubeo experts are well-versed in wholesale Cloud deployments as well as individual technical requirements and as a result, architected our infrastructure to ensure everything runs smoothly regardless of the workload size or shape. Ajubeo’s virtual private cloud infrastructure includes high-performance storage, a low latency core networking fabric and vSphere.

Virtual Private Cloud Provider – The Anti-Amazon

The major difference between Cloud and dedicated hosting is that every resource in the Cloud is added to a universal pool of resources that may be managed by a portal or with task automation. Dedicated hosting deals in siloed increments of individual servers, which decreases the agility and resource maximization capability of the overall virtual environment.

Ajubeo makes private cloud easy, with experts who take the time to understand where you are at and develop a plan that works for your unique environment.

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