Ajubeo Public Cloud: Performance Resources for Utilization Spikes

Virtual Private cloud for regular usage. Public cloud for the unexpected.

Public Cloud Provider Basics

As opposed to Private Cloud infrastructure, Public Cloud customers do not have the security of dedicated resources. Two companies with two separate virtual machines will live on the same server and draw elastic compute and storage resources from the overall public pool.

While this is a security concern for many companies, Public Cloud is ideal for developers looking to quickly spin-up some compute resources to knock out a test project. Pricing is normally pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and resources can be ordered immediately, usually via a web-based interface.

Drawbacks of public Cloud include spiraling costs with scale and lack of transparency due to credit card-based orders. Additionally, many private Cloud providers offer a 100% Cloud SLA or close to it. Public Cloud SLAs tend to be significantly less, if they exist at all. Translation: this is a short-term solution.

Public Cloud According to Ajubeo

Ajubeo offers public Cloud to our virtual private or hybrid Cloud customer base only.

As a result, Ajubeo public Cloud offers better security as we perform due diligence on every customer to ensure their usage is reputable. This security is solidified with ordering of public Cloud resources only possible via interaction with Ajubeo personnel directly.

Ajubeo customers with access to MyAjubeo can easily configure their Cloud infrastructure to automatically burst into public Cloud resources. This ensures there is never a time when service to your users will be denied or inhibited. Billing is based on consumption and automatically ceases with the termination of use. Our customers enjoy access to public Cloud resources without contracts or monthly commitments and limits can be set to ensure there is never an “Oh no” budget crisis moment.

All public Cloud resources feature the same cutting-edge, high-capacity Cloud infrastructure technology as our private and hybrid Cloud solutions. When you need to burst, you won’t lose performance.

Ajubeo Public Cloud – Benefits

  • Unlimited resources available on-demand for usage spikes
  • Pay for what you use, no additional contract
  • Automate public Cloud bursts based on your criteria
  • Increased security as opposed to web-based public Cloud
  • Only offered to Ajubeo virtual private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud customers
  • Utility pricing reduces waste

Ready to get started with Ajubeo's Public Cloud?

Looking to secure Ajubeo public Cloud services? Submit a quote request today to set-up a consultation call where we will discuss your overall Cloud strategy and how we can integrate our virtual private Cloud infrastructure with your on-demand public Cloud needs. If you are looking to put a credit card down for quick, temporary public Cloud services, Ajubeo is probably not the right provider for you.

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