VPDC: A More Cost-Effective, Agile Data Center

Virtual Private Data Centers offer IT as a service.

Virtual Private Data Centers

Complete, outsourced data center solutions with servers, storage, networking gear, firewalls and all other infrastructure elements delivered as a service, housed in the Cloud provider’s data center. This can be a complete replacement of an on-prem solution or coupled with with your existing architecture in a hybrid Cloud configuration.

Virtual Private Data Centers are entirely accessible and managed via the Cloud provider’s orchestration portal, giving the VPDC owner complete control as if he or she was walking down the hall to change out a server. Resources such as compute, memory, storage and network are pooled together and allocated by the client according to the administrator’s requirements.

Ajubeo's Virtual Private Data Centers in the Cloud

Ajubeo’s Virtual Private Data Centers – Maximized Resources

Virtual Private Data Centers, transition CAPEX from in-house data centers, colocation, and server-storage-networking infrastructure purchases to OPEX in a “leased” environment that keeps you on high performance gear without worrying about antiquation six months after purchase. Free up human resources and real estate to be used in more optimal ways. Drive down energy costs. Increase inventory transparency and utilization rates by managing as a unified resource pool instead of siloed individual pieces of infrastructure. Stop buying to accommodate usage spikes and wasting resources in between. Connect your VPDC to Public Cloud burstable resources allowing for aligned IT spend. Ajubeo believes that you shouldn’t be paying for what you are not using, and as such, has modeled billing to match.

Ajubeo’s Virtual Private Data Centers – Unmatched Agility

Virtual Private Data Centers enable business and architectural agility that cannot be attained through traditional data centers. The infrastructure is managed and monitored 24-hours a day by trained, certified Cloud engineers as well as the local data center personnel at the Cloud Hub data center. Additional resources are added with a few clicks of a mouse. Create hundreds of virtual machines and tear them down in minutes with VM cloning and grouping processes. Import existing VMware-based instances with a simple upload. Assign variable resources to end-users to ensure the highest possible performance levels. And should a piece of infrastructure fail, everything is instantly up and running as though nothing happened.

Goodbye downtime. Goodbye frustrated end-users. Goodbye lost data.

Hello unlimited VPDC value creation.

Ajubeo Cloud Agility

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