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Cloud Services | Service & Support

Ajubeo provides deep support – you will get proactive advice and skilled analysis of your environment. Your support questions will be met with a technical expert, and often the same engineer who helped to create your solution in the first place, so you won’t have to endure layers of tiered support before you get to someone who can help.

All Cloud services are architected to support and deliver under a 100% uptime SLA. Support of customers and maintenance of the environment are activities performed by certified Ajubeo Cloud engineers and support personnel. The team’s certification list includes VMware, NetApp, Microsoft, Nimsoft, CompTIA A+ amongst others.

Every Ajubeo customer also receives a dedicated representative who will act as a direct point of contact for account management needs.

It’s all part of our white glove service.

Cloud Services | Orchestration & Integration

One of the most attractive elements of Ajubeo’s Cloud Services is the agility enabled by on-demand creation, automation and resource allocation. The MyAjubeo customer portal enables easy, efficient cloud management and orchestration, leveraging VMware’s vCloud Director – there is nothing between you and your resource pools. Create new VMs with ease. Automate tasks like rules for public cloud burst resources, create redundancy and failover rules across your VMs. For more information, visit our cloud orchestration page.

Ajubeo’s enterprise Cloud infrastructure also integrates with in-house data center infrastructure and on-premise systems with ease. Consult with our team of Cloud experts for frequently used processes and calls, we can help with scripting, or your team can access our Cloud API directly. Ajubeo’s software licensing agreements provide commonly used tools for easy development in your native IT environment. Ajubeo’s VMware-based Cloud platform creates easy portability of virtualized instances from your on-prem environment to Ajubeo via a simple import/export procedure.

Learn more about Ajubeo’s Cloud Orchestration.

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Cloud Services | 24-Hour NOC and Mobile Cloud Monitoring

Ajubeo takes Cloud monitoring seriously. Our monitoring architecture includes multiple stages of health-level alerts to ensure our team is aware of status changes well in advance of partial or full outages, so that we may take proactive steps in preventing them.

24-hour monitoring includes on-site NOC staff as well as mobile monitoring that enables every technical team member to keep an eye on your Cloud assets everywhere they go.

Ajubeo 24x7x365 monitoring

Supplementary Cloud Services – BRAAS, DRAAS, DAAS

Cloud services such as Backup-and-Restore-as-a-Service, Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service and Desktop-as-a-Service are provided for companies looking to offload even more functional responsibility leveraging the financial benefits and Ajubeo’s economies of scale as it relates to these services. Turn your support team into IT heroes with Ajubeo BRaaS in the Cloud, facilitating rapid recovery of any lost data. Then let us do the lion’s share of the maintenance and troubleshooting on backups and DR while your team focuses on more important tasks. Allow our team to manage the VDI supporting the DaaS instances, while your team still maintains complete control of the images that make them up. Please contact Ajubeo for more information on tailoring these supplementary offerings to your overall Cloud implementation strategy.

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