Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

There has never been a more cost-effective, efficient, and reliable way to deliver on your DR plan. It’s time to choose Ajubeo DRaaS.

Are you confident your DR plan will work? Do you have a DR plan? Ajubeo DRaaS customers fear no audit, outage or disaster.

Ajubeo Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) instills confidence in executive teams working on the corporate business continuity plan as well as the IT and audit teams in place to execute the DR plan. The reason is simple. Ajubeo cloud infrastructure was built for DR. With a 100% uptime SLA, maximum uptime datacenters, high-availability (HA) architecture and best-of-breed technology, Ajubeo has laid the foundation for unparalleled reliability and performance. Custom architecture, innovative software, and deep VMware integration create a flexible DRaaS solution that enables users to define RPO, RTO, VM-by-VM protection, and delivery model while establishing an easy-to-repeat recovery process that keeps companies within recovery windows.

Hypervisor-based recovery: unrivaled speed & cost effectiveness

Array-based recovery mandates the creation of duplicate infrastructures (same storage type, vendor, LUN configuration, etc.), which is extremely cost-prohibitive and can rule-out preferred cloud vendors if they are using conflicting storage technology. Ajubeo DRaaS is 100% hardware neutral and allows the user to define what VMs they want protected as compared to a holistic recovery mandate. This combined with WAN optimization, superior de-duplication and storage consolidation dramatically reduces the cost of enterprise-class BCDR. The recovery from production to DR takes less than 4 hours in the majority of cases, with the restoration process beginning with a few simple clicks of the mouse. No risky manual workarounds, on-the-fly IP address changes or other time-consuming efforts are necessary.

Making a business case for Ajubeo DRaas

What is the cost of your current DR service?

How much of your data needs protection? (% & size)

What is your actual time-to-full recovery?

What is your optimal RTO? § How much revenue is lost per hour in a disaster?

How much headcount cost

On-premises-to-cloud and/or cloud-to-cloud recovery

Ajubeo DraaS map

From large multi-nationals to the emerging, performance-sensitive organizations choose Ajubeo DRaaS for its reliability, efficiency, flexibility, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Tom Whitcomb – CTO, Ajubeo

Considering site recovery manager or traditional DR services? There is simply no comparison.

Site Recovery Manager and traditional disaster recovery methods cannot compete with Ajubeo DRaaS. At a high-level, both SRM and traditional methods are cost prohibitive and lack the flexibility, reliability and simplicity of the Ajubeo offering. There are numerous, specific gaps in service capability characterized in part by the sample table below.

AjubeoArray (no SRM)SnapshotSRM5 + vSphere
Scalability to 1000s of VMsYY
Full Integration with vCenterYY
Supports Multi-Site ReplicationYLimited
Supports Layer 2 DeploymentY
Hardware AgnosticYYY
Point-In-Time RecoveryYLimited
User-Defined Per-VM ProtectionYYY
Continuous ReplicationYY
No Performance ImpactYY
Resilient to WAN CongestionYY
WAN Compression/AccelerationYYLimited
Full Integration APIY
Auto Failover Tests in ProductionY
No Shadow VMs RequiredY
Support vApps/vMotion, HA/DRSYLimitedLimitedLimited

Ajubeo makes managing BCDR easy & affordable

Ajubeo has included unlimited support-related hours in the monthly cost of DRaaS to ensure there are no overages/unexpected fees that occur as a result of a customer DR request. This includes semi-annual DR testing, day-to-day support, configuration, and RPO/RTO changes. Customers can failover to live compute, or leverage Ajubeo’s concept of standby compute which allows for guaranteed availability of compute resources on a time-committed SLA. Ajubeo DRaaS customers also have contact information for responsive 24-hour support.

Are you ready to learn about the positive dynamics of a simple and straightforward DR solution?

Ajubeo’s cloud specialists can help you find the answers you are looking for. Complete the contact form and one of our specialists will contact you shortly. You can also call us at +1 855.425.8236 (+1 855.4.AJUBEO).

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