Ajubeo gives you the confidence to Go Cloud with 100% Uptime SLA

Ajubeo's 100% Cloud SLA commitment: No surprises. Meaningful compensation.

Ajubeo's 100% SLA Guarantee

Ajubeo’s 100% Cloud SLA covers physical infrastructure such as servers and storage devices as well as network infrastructure, availability and quality of connectivity. The 100% Cloud SLA also covers any physical security breaches and data loss with failed replication. Quality of network service includes outages as well as out-of-scope packet loss and jitter levels, which may or may not have caused an interruption of Cloud services.

Ajubeo’s 100% Cloud SLA does not cover outages or performance issues brought about by configuration errors of the end-user or customer-instigated failures. Ajubeo’s team will conduct a thorough investigation of any interruption of service in full transparency with the customers involved.

100% Cloud SLA | What to Look Out For

Cloud SLA’s of other providers can be deceptive. The “devil” is definitely in the details as providers advertise things like a 10,000% SLA, but when you drill down on the details, the definition of an outage can differ greatly. Additionally, how and when the credits are applied can dramatically alter the effectiveness of the agreement.

Defining Outage

Cloud providers vary greatly in their definition of what actually qualifies as an outage. Here are some of the ways an outage can be defined:

  • Time: how long until it is deemed an official outage? 15 minutes? 30? 60? More?
  • Type: Cloud SLA applies to certain types of infrastructure or specific configurations only
  • Contract: Cloud SLA applies only with a certain level of monthly services commitment
  • Network: Interruption only? Quality of service? What type of network service?

Terms of Credits

Terms defining the credits issued are also all over the board. Read over the fine print carefully to identify what you are actually going to get and when.

When: Cloud SLA credits only issued after the end of your contract, next quarter, etc.
Caps: Cloud SLA limits credits to no more than one full month’s value in a calendar year
Type: Cloud SLA limits credits to only the type of service that was interrupted
Rounding: Cloud SLA rounds credits to the nearest increment, possibly rounding down
Incremental: Credits to be issued only upon reaching a certain cumulative amount

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100% Cloud SLA | Ajubeo’s Stance

In the event of an outage, you will not be surprised by hidden terms or policies that limit your support based on cost or level of service. Your business has already been interrupted. Your end-users are upset. More than likely the damage you have experienced has cost you more than 15 minutes of credits.

We take outages seriously and that is why we architected our Cloud to mitigate the risk against it occurring at all costs. If it ever happens, you can be confident that we will have gone over our terms in full transparency so that you know exactly what is covered and being credited, and when the credit will occur. Our communication will be prompt, clear, and transparent.

Your business is worth more than a few credits to us.