Easy as 1-2-3

3 Simple Steps and you can have the World's Best Cloud for your Infrastructure, backups, and Disaster Recovery

Number 1

Step 1) Discovery Conversation

Gain an understanding of your business needs and how technology enables your success:

  • How does cloud impact your business today?
  • Have you spent time assessing your current situation and developing  strategic cloud plan?
  • What is missing from your current cloud strategy? Backup/DR? Colocation? Compliance? etc…
  • What is your largest needs in relation to cloud? Is it Performance, cost, redundancy, extensibility, or security?
  • Service support needs?
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements?
Number 2

Step 2) Solution Identification and Collaboration

  • Ajubeo generates proposed options based on your business situation
  • Collaboratively determine the best approach to the solution
  • Agree on proposed solution and identified budgets
Number 3

Step 3) Approval and Implementation

  • Ajubeo walks you through a simplified implementation and onboarding
  • Agree to Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirement
  • Implement resources and connectivity to Ajubeo cloud
  • Quality check with you and continued support with Ajubeo engineering and sales team

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