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  • Company initiative to find ways to cut costs – business says too much money is being spent on IT and I have been asked by CEO to reduce costs
  • I can’t complete the things I need to because my budget is too small
  • My hardware is reaching the end of its useful life, or we’re due for a tech refresh and my CEO doesn’t want a large capital expenditure
  • My hardware is failing often and interruption to services is costing us
  • I have seasonal needs for compute capacity but don’t have capital budget for hardware to meet those needs
  • My current cloud provider doesn’t give me the flexibility, adequate security or control over my environment that we require
  • I want enterprise networking and unified threat management stack capabilities but can’t get them with current cloud provider
  • I have a problem with my current cloud provider and I can’t get a response quickly enough or have time to wait for a response on a web forum
  • Dealing with backups is onerous and I don’t want my team to manage them anymore, so they can work on more important projects
  • I can’t configure my backups with my current cloud provider to meet policy and compliance requirements
  • I don’t have confidence data on my cloud will be there when I go looking for it
  • We don’t have a DR strategy and the business is requiring me to put it in place rapidly
  • Our DR and backup strategy does not meet the RTO and RPO requirements of our business continuity plan
  • We need to cut costs to meet our Gross Margin goals and we can do it with our IT spend
  • We need to flatten our cost curve to better predict and control budget
  • IT department is too labor intensive which makes operations slow and hard to manage, unnecessarily increasing costs
  • My applications are not integrating well together making reporting and forecasting difficult
  • I don’t feel our IT staff has capability or resources to handle a disaster or outage
  • We don’t have a plan in place for when we have an outage or disaster, which will cost us a lot of money
  • Extremely slow recovery time when a file is lost or restoration of systems is needed, costing us huge amounts in lost labor time
  • Our reputation suffers greatly in the media and with our customers when a system fails. We haven’t measured this, but we know the cost is significant
  • We aren’t effectively managing the risk to the business of a technology outage

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