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What are the hidden costs of downtime? By Justin Kraft, Director of Marketing, Ajubeo “Downtime cost isn’t currently calculated because we don’t get that many complaints” -Anonymous CIO Downtime calculations are based on a measure that can be measured. The reasons seem obvious; having an actual number makes the discussion easier with various departments and […]

Built on StoreOnce technology, this end-to-end data-protection solution strategy gives you the security, confidence, and consistency you have come to expect from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The HPE/Ajubeo cloud backup solution Today’s IT organizations are working with shrinking budgets, fewer staff , and the need to restore and recover data more quickly. The reality is that […]

Money, Money… Money: Your data center could be costing you thousands, if not millions! What is downtime and how do you determine its cost? Downtime is defined as any period where IT software or hardware becomes unavailable, whether by end-user, vendor, or act-of-God-related circumstance. While many vendors define downtime differently in terms of how many […]