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Comparing MSP Trends from 2014 to 2015 The MSP market is getting crowded! Some trends are discouraging, creating the need to choose your partners wisely. How do you stay ahead in the competitive world? According to a recent survey by Kaseya regarding MSP market trends, there are some major changes in the industry. When looking […]

Steve, how does Ajubeo compete in its market?#CUBEgems @Ajubeocloud #HPEDiscover @ #theCUBE https://t.co/b5gZbFfpiJ — theCUBE (@theCUBE) June 9, 2016 Ajubeo CEO, Steve Brothers, talks about what makes Ajubeo different and how to compete in the cloud market In this video, Steve discusses infrastructure and cloud differentiators: Built-to-fail cloud vs. non-commodity cloud What do CIO’s and […]

On-premise vs. Off-premise Cloud Solutions – We address 5 false claims of local relevance Since the onset of centralized computing and colocation/outsourced data center providers, IT executives have battled over proximity-based infrastructure decisions. What started as an on-premises versus off-premises debate has morphed into a local versus anywhere proximity debate with the emergence of cloud […]

It’s World Password Day! Don’t fall victim to bad password Management As a company who provides world-class security and cloud solution technologies, we felt it important to help promote World Password Day. Do you feel you do a good enough job keeping your information secure and take the right steps in protecting your information? Here […]

Solving the Healthcare and MedTech cyber security threat with cloud solutions Like most industries, the health and medical community has significant technological changes on the horizon. 3D printing, improvements in data mining and data evaluation, the evolution of Internet of Things (IoT), mobile solutions, and other disrupting technologies continue to create IT needs that are […]