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Disaster Recovery Failures Recently, we have seen many headlines of major IT downtime outages. Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, Facebook, and many more have all been victims with the costs in the millions. Although your costs may not be as substantial, have no doubt they have a huge impact and cost. Determining your cost can sometimes […]

Cloud solutions are becoming normal for data and applications within every company. These solutions are now allowing companies greater scalability and to create more efficiency and performance while reducing costs. Having said this, it is important to know, no matter how big the provider you are working with complications can still exist. We created an […]

“Nobody Ever Got Fired for Buying Amazon Cloud” – a recent conversation Written by Jon Freeman, VP of Global Sales at Ajubeo My first job in the early tech marked was with MicroAge (circa the ’80s).  Fresh from programming assembler at Rutgers on an IBM 370 mainframe I was making a big mistake according to […]

Steve, how does Ajubeo compete in its market?#CUBEgems @Ajubeocloud #HPEDiscover @ #theCUBE https://t.co/b5gZbFfpiJ — theCUBE (@theCUBE) June 9, 2016 Ajubeo CEO, Steve Brothers, talks about what makes Ajubeo different and how to compete in the cloud market In this video, Steve discusses infrastructure and cloud differentiators: Built-to-fail cloud vs. non-commodity cloud What do CIO’s and […]

Money, Money… Money: Your data center could be costing you thousands, if not millions! What is downtime and how do you determine its cost? Downtime is defined as any period where IT software or hardware becomes unavailable, whether by end-user, vendor, or act-of-God-related circumstance. While many vendors define downtime differently in terms of how many […]

The Importance of Monitoring Technology in Decreasing Data Center Downtime The technology used to monitor data center infrastructure will vary greatly. For example, real-time monitoring systems for each piece of infrastructure deployed at their location. The interactive dashboards show health levels of each major component as well as expected life remaining on each. This level […]